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Rafis Kadyrov is a doctor, banker, politician, member of Writers Union of Russia. He has written six books among which two ones have been translated into English, German, French and Ukrainian.

He is a man of hard destiny but of noble principle. These two novels are the story of one man’s deed, the man who went through all pits of hell of political regime of the nineties in Russia together with his people but managed to preserve unbending spirit and high ideals. The book tells us about the events taking place outside our windows, the events which we are tacitly looking at, also it narrates about hardship that a person has to overcome on its path towards truth, good and justice.

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I am god of a mysterious world,

The world is confined to my dreams alone,

I shall not create unto myself a graven image

Either on earth or in heaven.

Fyodor Sologub.

Chapter II


Under the circumstances, survival was a virtual impossibility for me. After the clinical death, I asked for a few more months, and I got them. I couldn’t ask for more.

All of us today play some computer games. First we select our level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, or impossible. The kind of level where you only make your first moves, and the screen already flashes: “Game over.”

And in my real life, I was facing the kind of level where survival was impossibility. And the situation was comprised of many factors that could not be guessed at or calculated.

First, you are at death’s door, afflicted by something the best doctors in the world cannot diagnose. You have constant pulmonary edema, you cannot breathe, you are in scorching pain, as if you were being burned inside. The doctors could only diagnose the consequences and recommend that for the answers I turn to the KGB. They said major secret services all over the world commissioned such special killing substances. If they have such substances in your country, they also might have the antidote.

Secondly, in Russia you are now a subject of political haggling, a bargaining chip in the hands of the criminals in power. And the power rests in the hands of another alcoholic dictator.

Thirdly, your rival is now the President of Bashkortostan. He came to power by bribing officials and rigging the elections. He thinks you are his personal enemy. And this is happening in the region inhabited by descendants of the steppe peoples, and in the 1990s, the time of utter lawlessness.

The confrontation was going on for more than two years. His crew made profit on it, they made a lot of money out of it. If peace comes too soon, no one will have any need for their dirty services. Don’t talk about civilized elections, khans always finish off their enemies, this is the law of the steppes.

It has nothing to do with democracy, mercy, honor, dignity... Your rival doesn’t want you to stay alive. Sooner or later, you might take his place and hold him accountable for the crimes he committed. And there is nothing the khan wants so much as freedom from even a theoretical accountability.

Fourthly, you have accumulated the largest capital in the country, not for yourself, but for the people Bashkortostan, and you don’t have the right to spend it, you cannot share it with the top criminals in power in Russia. And those always on the lookout for something to steal were already gearing up for a hunt.

It so happened that in the next few months you won’t be able to take time off work, you will have to act as crisis manager for a huge financial corporation.

This is the time when out of the 3,000 banks in Russia, 10% of the largest ones and two thirds of the medium and small ones are being obliquely eliminated by the Central Bank through the use of the so-called “Chechen payment advices.”

In the long run, more than 2,000 of them will be eliminated. There is such an idea as profiting from destruction. And all those factors, coming together, created a huge number of reasons for your destruction.

In a situation like that, it’s easier to die or, at a pinch, to betray yourself. All it takes is doing nothing. And how do you survive and preserve your humanity?


A friend on Facebook posted a prayer by the great writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. He asks the Lord to teach him to take small steps. Back then, I didn’t know this wisdom.

I knew only one thing: I had to survive and to deal with a problem that could kill me.

In the Swiss hospital, my colleagues provided me with medications and instructed to take them three times a day in impossibly high dosages. These medications would kill me, too, but not today. It would be hard and painful, but there was no other treatment.

The next problem faced me the day after the elections of the first president of the Republic of Bashkortostan. One of the candidates attained power, the second had to disappear.

There are several ways of dealing with him: to imprison him for a long time, or, should that fail, to kill him somehow. His death should preferably be public, in the hands of some crime family...

At the same time, the events should have seemed to unfold naturally. Well, it so happened that he had had some problems with organized crime, and he was iced, we had nothing to do with it. That’s life. We will even help with the funeral arrangements. After all, he is a deputy of our parliament.

For two years, the mass media conducted an eager denigration campaign. Now you can see for yourself, he was bumped off by the mob. Oh, that was the ideal scenario, and the problem would have been dealt with once and for all.

Yet they failed to take one thing into account: you always have to find the actual killers. And to find them, you need go-betweens. So you have a chain made up of many links. And the task gets distorted in the process. However much money has been allocated, it’s not enough. Such things aren’t done out of faithfulness and loyalty. There are no idealists among criminals.

Each and everyone in that chain wants to get his share, and in hard currency, too, to provide for himself and for his children once and for all. While the operation is being prepared, the budget evaporates. And the actual killers receive but a small share.

And the killers also have to deal with another great power, greed. If you can “shake the money tree,” as the saying goes, why not try for a bigger cut?

Put all these things together, and the intended prey gets his chance to survive.

For a whole year, I had to master the art of survival. I had to defend myself and my team from the crime families of Moscow, the Moscow region, and the neighboring districts.

The tactic was to stay alive for as long as possible, and not to go into hiding. While I am alive, everything is my responsibility. If I die, my team will have to answer. The events are set into motion, no one can stop them.

Once, I failed to make it to Kaliningrad on time, and just set the hounds on the director of our branch. He was left with deep scars on his face and body.

One hired crime family would have been enough to do away with me. Yet we counted more than fifty. And they were promised the money that was, in fact, the debt the Central Bank of Russia owed to Vostok International Bank JSC.

In schools, students are told about the hydrologic cycle. And law school students will at some point be told about the crime cycle.

1. The Central Bank of Russia uses the commercial banks’ accounts only it has control of to finance armed gangs in the Caucasus. They are trained to go to war with Russia, the money is used to arm them, and the money is provided through the use of the so-called “Chechen payment advices.” Foreign terrorists are hired to train these armed gangs.

2. The Central Bank wired billions of rubles into foreign accounts, or else it cashed them and transported the hard cash by trucks into the mountain villages in the Caucasus. And these banking operations were passed off as transactions conducted by those commercial banks themselves. No one else could possibly conduct those transactions: there are security procedures in place, there are codes that no stranger could possibly use.

3. Since, against all rules, this money hasn’t gone through the banks’ ledger accounts, the banks never actually put it on their books. Vostok International Bank JSC initiated five criminal cases against the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

4. The Kremlin neutralizes the entire prosecution system of the Russian Federation, it acts in the way no one allowed themselves since Peter I signed the decree which founded the prosecutorial service of the Russian Federation. Two attorneys general of Russia are, one after the other, humiliated and virtually destroyed through various ignominious means. One has been imprisoned for a long time, the other was dishonorably discharged. All prosecutorial investigations into the so-called “Chechen payment advices” are suspended indefinitely.

5. Over the span of a single summer, nearly a hundred heads of various commercial banks used by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to finance the armed gangs are murdered.

6. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation issues a letter decreeing that those banks which refuse to accept stolen money into their accounts will have their licenses revoked.

7. Commercial banks are forced to accept this money and to use wire transfers to give hard cash for them to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

8. And then these bonds, by some fantastical means, make it into the hands of organized crime groups to complete the work of the “gold-diggers.” The authorities need those crime groups to cover up their own crimes.


And so they did. But there is a saying, “even a monkey can fall off a tree.” And they miscalculated, too.

The limit of forgiveness. Actions. Still about something outside



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